Identifying, Securing, and Defending Intellectual Property Rights


Whether your patent, trademark, copyright, or other intellectual is being infringed or whether you are threatened with a lawsuit involving intellectual property claim, Erickson Law Group can evaluate your options for proceeding with litigation or responding to a lawsuit. If the decision is made to proceed with litigation or to defend a pending lawsuit, Erickson Law Group can represent you.

Erickson Law Group is available to handle litigation involving:

  1. Trademark and Trade Dress Infringement
  2. Patent Infringement
  3. Copyright Infringement
  4. Anti-Counterfeiting Actions
  5. U.S. Customs Seizures Based on Intellectual Property Rights Claims
  6. Unfair Competition Claims Based on Intellectual Property Rights
  7. Breach of Agreements Involving Intellectual Property Rights
  8. Defamation over the Internet