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Sample Patents

The following are some of the patents written by Erickson Law Group patent attorneys. These patents reflect directions, goals, and needs of individual clients. You can read these patents at Google Patents by clicking on the patent number below.  Note that it may take between 2 and 5 years after a patent application is filed for a patent to issue.

Issued Patents

8221202 Fully tapered rotor nose and threshing section
8220086 Bed frame assembly
8209310 System and method of matching professionals for networking meetings
8201275 Goggle attachment system with a tail for a helmet
8171572 Goggle attachment system for helmet
8162495 System and method of focusing electromagnetic radiation
8104890 Protective eyewear including auxiliary lenses
8083344 Protective eyewear including auxiliary lenses
8075377 Rear rotor cone
8033758 Apparatus and method for making a polymer sheet piling wall
8021219 Top cover for axial rotary combine having coned transition
8020319 Shoe with elastic bindings to receive interchangeable straps
8020271 Self-raising form control system and method
8011914 Food supply system for a food patty molding machine
8002538 Collapsible core assembly for a molding apparatus
7993126 Adapter system for mold plate attachment to patty-forming machine
D638172 Helmet jaw guard
D638169 Helmet and face shield assembly
D638168 Helmet assembly
D637643 Eyewear
7938735 Golf club adapter
7934982 Tailings rethresher mechanical delivery to return pan
D636807 Eyewear component
D635305 Helmet assembly
7914020 Vehicle suspension system with a variable camber system
7898393 Wall-mounted scoreboard
7896676 Retractable connector for an electronic device
D632651 Battery holder
7886634 Automatic transmission arrangement for a motorcycle
D632440 Helmet cage
D632439 Helmet mandible
D632437 Helmet and visor assembly
7883115 Stand-up advertising insert
7874246 Food stack aligning device for conveyor
7871170 Protective visor for marine electronics
7862330 Angled fill ports and seal-off arrangement for patty-forming apparatus
7854369 Integrated envelope and repositionable note
7809253 Compact air drying system
7788892 User interface and control for cutting reel system
7788885 Method of loading food stacks
7775790 Food molding mechanism for a food patty molding machine
D620969 Goggles
7762877 Tailing re-thresher rasp bar and rotor housing
D620039 Goggles
7717777 Adjustable rear rotor discharge flights
7677880 Apparatus for forming hand-formed style patty using a patty-forming machine
7670087 Sheet piling wall having facade
D608371 Propeller shield apparatus for trolling motor
7648233 Protective eyewear including auxiliary lenses
7641333 Protective eyewear including auxiliary lenses
7623249 Automated product profiling apparatus and product slicing system using same
7603936 Loaf seam synchronization device for continuous loaf feed slicing machine
7591644 Counter-balanced mold plate for food patty molding machine
D598040 Goggles
7533513 Fill and packaging method
7526837 Method for treating flax fibre
7518880 Shielding arrangement for electronic device
7494432 Apparatus for calculating distance of ball placed in motion by measuring force exerted upon it and launch angle
7490935 Overmolded spectacle arm extremities
7490432 Refillable bait bag and integrated hook
D586408 Separable goat figure
7488226 Propeller shield apparatus for trolling motor
7484428 Automatic transmission for a motorcycle
D585372 Battery holder
D585371 Battery holder
7472662 Vacuum pump for agricultural seeding equipment
D584005 Helmet visor system
D583107 Visor system for helmet
7455517 Apparatus for proportioning meat product for packaging
7450247 Automated product profiling apparatus and product slicing system using same
D578962 Battery holder
7422425 Drive system for a knockout apparatus for a patty-forming machine
D575737 Battery holder
D575736 Battery holder
D575735 Battery holder
7416753 Breather system for a reciprocating mold plate patty-forming machine
7411137 Automatic sealing arrangement for weigh scale for food processing apparatus
D574558 Visor system for helmet
7404481 Retaining pins for stacking conveyor for slicing machine
7380801 Ice skate blade runner holder and blade runner and method of manufacture
7377092 Cutting reel adjusting system
7335013 Drive systems for a reciprocating mold plate patty-forming machine
7328542 Loading apparatus for food stacks
7318723 Frame for a patty-forming apparatus
7309228 Hydraulic pump system for a patty-forming apparatus
7299728 Loaf end trimming station for slicing machine
7287648 Battery holder and dispenser
7278344 Shear mechanism for a slicing machine
7270039 Reload system for slicing machine
7267181 Cultivating device
7263937 Seed tube guard
7255554 Cooling air system for a patty-forming apparatus
D545150 Multi-use cooking tool
7231757 Method and apparatus for setting and maintaining reel-to-bedknife clearance
7229277 Mold cover lift system for a patty-forming apparatus
7222687 Hood for off road work vehicle
7213525 Nozzle assembly for product-on-demand delivery system
7210923 Hopper system for a patty-forming apparatus
D537103 Auxiliary spectacle for protective eyewear
D537098 Protective goggles
7175417 Apparatus for forming food patties having surface indentations
7163391 Molding apparatus for forming food patties having top and bottom surface contours
7159372 Sheet interleave system for patty-forming apparatus
7140311 Vacuum pump for agricultural seeding equipment
7134562 Trailer-mounted vibratory apparatus
7125245 Tube valve arrangement for a patty-forming machine
7121073 Cutting reel adjusting system
7114318 Height-of-cut adjustment system for reel mower
7065936 Fill and packaging apparatus
7055419 System and method for optimizing slices from slicing apparatus
7036248 Pattern select valve for control levers of a title work vehicle
7025010 Flow splitter arrangement for series fed product application units
7004533 Composite floor for utility vehicle
6997089 Optical grading system for slicer apparatus
6994038 Agricultural machine with variable pressure product distribution system
6984908 Permanent magnet motor
6966448 Trailer-mounted crane apparatus
6957595 Tilt steering wheel mechanism
6948568 Cultivator for aerating a ground surface
6946762 Electric motor drive for a reel mower
6935256 Agitation system for an agricultural machine product distribution system
6935215 Slicing machine and conveyor system with automatic product width compensation
6935106 Neutral start mechanism for a hydrostatic transmission
6932998 Apparatus and method for forming two component food product
6931205 Compact integrated forced air drying system
6925735 Bumper skid plate and attachment system for utility vehicle
6915862 Three point hitch for utility vehicle
6910545 Hinge assembly for utility vehicle hood
6886677 Interlock of parking brake and drive control pedals for utility vehicle
6882434 Automated product profiling apparatus and product slicing system using same
6854582 Stack stop for conveyor system
6851495 Speed control for utility vehicle operable from rearward-facing seat
6837326 Tractor grille and grille guard
6835130 Grain compartment cleanout arrangement
6811398 Handheld rinsing device
6811064 Adjustable clothing hanger
6800025 Combine air system for cleanout
6799936 Tower and boom structure for loader bucket
6773049 Adjustable seat suspension for utility vehicle
6769337 Self-centering slicer orifice for food loaf slicing machine
6763750 Conveyor system for slicer apparatus
6763748 Automatic draft length compensation for slicing machine system
6743093 Auxiliary drive for combine augers for cleanout
6736722 Unloader tube cleaning system for harvesting apparatus
6725583 Rear-mounted implement mounting system
6722112 Reverser control for a combine